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145th anniversary of Nicholas Roerich


115th anniversary of Svyatoslav Roerich

Stage 2

infoStage 2: the organizing committee processes the application and sends the author confirmation of the possibility of the art object participating in the exhibition. The author pays the registration fee

The organizing committee checks the correctness of personal data and the quality of the photo material sent, after which it sends a reply letter to the author confirming the opportunity to participate in the exhibition and competition. Also, the organizing committee in this letter sends a receipt to pay the entry fee

It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the sections:

a) "Cost of participation"
b) "How to pay dues / Methods of payment of registration fee")


If a visa is required, then an invitation to receive a visa from the receiving party must be obtained. To receive an invitation, you must send a copy of your passport to the organizing committee and a Visa Application Form (download in Word, PDF).

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