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145-летию Николая Рериха


115-летию Святослава Рериха



( Country Head of Fabriano In Acquarello)
( head of INWATERCOLOR INDIA & Founder IICAP – Indian institute of creative art and painting)
Studio – Bardaman house. Navin mitra lane near lalpur chowk.
Ranchi – 834001 Jharkhand India.

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Award –

● Jharkhand Ratna SAMMAN ( jhar. Gov.)
● Best Entry Award in 2016 and 2017 italy
● Eligant Award from Malaysia
● Best Entry Award ( CAF)
● Top 20 Artists Award from EID Nepal
●Grand Artist Award from EID Bangladesh
● Best Jurry Award from Focus Bangladesh

Exhibition /Visit/Demo – Italy. Bulgaria. Greece. Serbia.
Nepal . Bangladesh. Nepal. Jordan. Mexico. Etc.
organise- internationalwatercolour workshop so many time in india

Under the banner INWATERCOLOR. & so many Acrylic Art Ccam
Under my organisation iicap named WIDE CANVAS.
iicap- I creat this institute in 2000. Where more than 300 students r
learning serious art and craf. More than 50 students are learning free
of cost and few mentally restarted students are taking Art Therapy.
I attempt so many Art exhibition and camp of government and non government
Organisations. These days I started online classes for the outsider.
Faculty of J.N.K.K. Mecon

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