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Achintya Hazra

Mr. AchintyaHazra
Mr. AchintyaHazra is a freelance self-taught artist and an ex-army person who is very keen from his childhood to mark his impression through brush. In his adolescent age, he was quite successful to manage his job in Indian army and beat the financial crisis of his family. After being into such a dedicated job, he remained involve in painting. His thirst for colour never stopped and he has established himself in the play of colours. The mechanism of nature and materialistic objects is the main theme of his works.

Personal Details:-
Name- Mr. AchintyaHazra
Position- Self-taught Artist & State Head of Uttarakhand: International Water Colour Society, India
Nationality- Indian
Date of Birth- 23rd of December, 1982
Birth place- Howrah, Kolkata
Marital Status- Married
Present Address- Society Area, Claimant Town, Dehradun

Painting Interests Watercolor, Landscape Painting, Art & Architecture, Portrait, Seascape, Oil painting, Water Colour Painting, Sketching.

• Third prize award by All India Online Art Contest of 27 ART POINT.
• Third Prize Award of professional artist Contest.
• First Prize winner of RabinderJayanti Online Art Contest: Bangalore Hottgol ( on 4th of Jan 2019)
Workshops & Demonstrations:
• A three day watercolor workshop “Dip into Water”, Kolkata (from 20th to 21 August 2018).
• A one day Plain Air workshop at PrincepGhat, Kolkata (on 22nd August 2018).
• A three days plain Air water colour workshop sponsored by Maestriaa Paper at Lodhi Garden Delhi (on 22nd November 2018).
• A one day Workshop of Muse art group (owned by the artist) at Delhi (6th of January, 2019).
• A one day workshop at Soul Art Foundation, Dehradun( 24th Feb, 2019)
• One day watercolor workshop at Graphic Era Hill University Dehradun, Uttarakhand (on 31st of March, 2019).
• A one day workshop “Spirit of Watercolour” organized by International Water Colour Society, India (under the collaboration of WSI) at RabindraSarobar, Kolkata (on 13th of April 2019).
• A six day water colour workshop at GKWEC, Dehradun (from 27 of March to 2nd of April, 2019).
• A one day Plein Air workshop on “Understanding the Color of Water” at Bankura, WB (on 27th of April, 2019).
Exhibitions of Paintings
• A three days painting exhibition titled “Turning Stroke” at GaganederShilpoPradarshni from 5th to 7th of March 2018.
• A three days painting exhibition at Global Watercolour Summit at Shilong from 23rd to 25th of November 2018.
• A one day painting exhibition at Graphic Era Hill University Dehradun (31st March, 2019).
• Worked as an admin of Mystery of WatercolourGroup from 21st March to 21st of Feb 2019.
• Involved in various activities to promote the art through live demonstration.
• Founder of Muse Art group.